P958 C

Pellet stove dressed in Majolica. Rolling top. Orientable front air vent. 

This traditional hand-made curved Majolica lends itself to any classic décor, with added front ceramic pieces to expose a more traditional looking stove. 



Performance and savings, the optimum solution for bringing warmth to the home.

Pellets for Stoves and Fireplaces Piazzetta

Programmable operation

Piazzetta pellet appliances have a handy remote control you can use to set when the stove comes on and goes off, during a day and during the week. In addition to this function, pellet appliances also enable you to manage and monitor their operation remotely, by sending a text message or using the App via Wi-Fi.

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Hand-crafted Majolica

The traditional artistry displayed in working with Majolica allows us to produce items that are truly unique. Technology meets a material is still hand-crafted. It is poured into moulds, slowly dried and painted by hand, requiring a processing of at least 15 days, made exclusively in Europe's largest Majolica production facility. 

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Multifuoco® System, the exclusive technology patented by Piazzetta

The Multifuoco® System allows you to maintain an even room temperature, thanks to natural convection currents favoured by drawing the air to be heated from high up and releasing the warmed air at floor level. The Multifuoco® System avoids the layering of heat near the ceiling and ensures heat at floor level (our feet). 

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Main features

Fuel level sensor
Adjustable air flow
Automatic cleaning
Energy saving
Rolling top
Multifuoco System
Remote control
Ash box


External air kit

Available colours

Technical data

Heat Input (Low-High burn rate) 10194 - 39682 Btu/hr
Heat Input (Low-High burn rate) 2,98 - 11,62 kW
Burn rate (wet) - Low - High burn rate 0,57 - 2,18 kg/hr
Burn rate (wet) - Low - High burn rate 1,26 - 4,81 lb/hr
Weighted Average Overall Heating Efficiency (LHV basis) 89.95 %
Weighted Average Overall Heating Efficiency (HHV basis) 83.50 %
Weighted average emission rate 2.26 g/hr
Approximate hopper capacity 16 (35) lb (kg)

Certified to comply with 2015 particulate emission standards. Not approved for sale after May 15, 2020.

Product sheets

Technical drawings


Certificate of Conformity

Full non-CBI test report

Limited warranty

* Please carefully read all the documentation and information supplied with the product itself and any accessories. If there are any problems or doubts, contact your local dealer or authorized Technical Assistance Center.