G958 M

Gas Stove


Beautiful and powerful, this stove is ideal for heating medium size environments stove while featuring elegantly decorated majolica cladding.


Air Flow System

Absolute comfort with floor level heat output

Heat Output

Maintain an ideal temperature from the floor to the ceiling

In conventional systems, hot air tends naturally to rise creating a heat layer just below ceiling level and cooler air stays at floor level. The Piazzetta System forces warm air to flow out from the bottom vent, preventing warm air to stratify close to the ceiling. This innovative system then allows the air to re-enter through the top grills of the stove to be warmed again and to continue its cycle. This ensures that heat produced is evenly distributed throughout the environment.


High Thickness

High Thickness

Guarantee of sturdiness, durability and performance 

Heavy gauge steel guarantees that the stove is structurally very robust and will have a long life and quite operation. High-performance aluminum-finned heat exchangers result in ultimate heating efficiency. 


For assurance and peace of mind

Protecting your Family

When designing any heat source, safety is always at the forefront

All freestanding gas stoves feature an integrated micro-mesh screen that creates a virtually invisible safety barrier, allowing a clear, unobstructed view of the flame. Other safety features include fine mesh filters to remove debris from the fuel and state of the art pressure relief systems.

Majolica cladding

Unique hand-made Ceramic


Refined looks and heat storage

The majolica claddings are hand-made. These superb elements are the result of complex activities that require time and skill. Pieces made in such large dimensions not only enhance the stylishness of the product, but also ensure great heat storage followed by a prolonged distribution of heat.


Refractory ceramic material


Better performance and a brighter flame 

Fireboxes are lined with Aluker® panels, the exclusive refractory ceramic material patented by Piazzetta, which improves heat dispersal. Aluker® offers extraordinary energy storage and outstanding resistance to high temperatures and long-lasting reliability. What’s more, its light colour enhances the brightness of the fire.

Remote Control System

Remote Control System
Smart command

Multifunction remote control

Fully-programmable remotes for one-touch temperature control

The LCD remote control allows you easily maintain the optimal temperature in the room. With Smart Thermostat, the flame height adjusts to the desired set point and the room temperatures. As the room temperature gets closer to the set point, the Smart Function will modulate the flame. For maximum child safety, the Key Lock function will lock the remote control to avoid unsupervised operation.

Save My Gas



Flat Black


glass burner
log set



BTU Input NG : 18,000 BTU
BTU Input LP : 18,000 BTU
P.4 Efficiency NG : 70.4%
P.4 Efficiency LP : 70.4%
AFUE : 72%
ArrayDimensions WxDxH : 21 1/4 x 19 3/16 x 39 1/2 in
Total weight : 225 lbs
Manufactured/mobile home approved

MSRP starting at 3599 USD
plus applicable freight