Since 1960 we have fostered our love for fire

Ours is a distinctly Italian passion for craftsmanship, where visual appeal and technology combine to create modern style furnishing items. We have always designed our exclusive solutions in Asolo, Italy. Every appliance we produce embodies the highest standards of efficiency, practicality and safety, featuring excellent design and quality materials.


A wide range

Choose from our wide range of heating solutions. Exclusive Majolica cladding surrounds; a whole host of proposals.The handy simplicity of a stove. Piazzetta boasts numerous models. Lots of solutions to suit every need, all featuring that exclusive design signed by Piazzetta.

Fire is the soul of all light and all fire clothes itself in light

György Lukács

From Multifuoco® System to new heating concepts

Our products are developed to be able to enhance your comfort, and this is why we are always looking for new technologies and solutions. We seek to revolutionise the concept of heating and have managed it in part, thanks to the forced ventilation system called the Multifuoco® System, patented by Piazzetta. Thanks to Multifuoco®, the heat is distributed uniformly, from the bottom upwards, eliminating that difference in temperatures that is typical in traditional systems with natural convection.

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Hand-crafted Majolica

Our stoves and fireplaces reveal a style whose history is deep-rooted in the past. This history began with the skilled craftsmanship used to produce a fine, versatile material: Majolica. With passion and the utmost attention to detail, we give life to the claddings whose lines and finishings are highly refined, capable of framing and enhancing the splendid view of fire. The traditional artistry displayed in working with Majolica allows us to produce items that are totally unique.

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The warmth that suits your needs

Piazzetta only uses natural fuels that respect the environment. Thanks to high efficiency and compliance with international standards we are able to offer all the benefits and specific characteristics of pellet.

icona con fuoco rosso e pellet

the efficiency of pellets

Performance and savings, the optimum solution for managing warmth in the home.

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