SC Pellet Stoves / Insert

Pellet stoves that are characterized by the italian style, technology, quality of materials and refined details. Heating solutions that offer maximum efficiency and performance.

The convenience and ease of use of pellet products

Pellet stoves SC boast a high heating efficiency and heat the home with all the advantages of an ecological and affordable fuel. The switching on/off and the desired temperature can be programmed.

How does a SC pellet stove heat the room?

Heat can be diffused into a room in various ways to ensure maximum comfort and the best efficiency. You can heat with the natural convection, or with the forced ventilation by ducting the hot air also in other rooms.

Forced Ventilation

Night function, the feature that also allow you to heat using natural convection


Ducting with the forced ventilation

Forced Ventilation

SC pellet stoves mount a fan that forces the convection air currents, so the heat stored in the internal heat exchanger is diffused in the room more rapidly and effectively. Within a short time, your home will be filled with extremely pleasant warmth.

Energy Saving

With Energy Saving, once the set room temperature has been reached, the stove turns itself off and then turns on again automatically as soon as the temperature falls below the set value. Thanks to this feature, consumption will be reduced to guarantee you maximum savings

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Night Function

The Night Function allows you to switch from forced ventilation to natural convection heating, which triggers natural air movement by exploiting the temperature differences in the room. In this way, the heat is distributed more gradually and in an ultra silent mode. With Night Function, you have the confidence of being able to create the right atmosphere to really relax. 

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Main features

Natural mode
Night function
External air kit
Energy saving
Air wash
Automatic cleaning
Ash box
Telecomando optional
Controllo elettronico
Ventilation kit