Forced Ventilation

Thanks to a forced ventilation system you can heat the house quickly and evenly.

monia forzata

Forced Ventilation

Easy to use, Piazzetta SC pellet stoves are safe and have a long operating autonomy. The steel monobloc, deflector, brazier and cast iron door ensure exceptional sturdiness and long-lasting operation. SC pellet stoves mount a tangential fan that forces the convection air currents, so the heat stored in the internal heat exchanger is diffused in the room more rapidly and effectively. Within a short time, your home will be filled with extremely pleasant warmth. A sophisticated electronic board constantly controls the ventilation levels of the hot air on the basis of the stove's power and the set ambient temperature. The stove's operation can also be managed with a practical optional remote control.

Night Function

Just one stove and two heating modes. With the Forced Ventilation, you spread the warm in the room both quickly and evenly without annoying temperature differences. Integrated with a ducting system, you can also heat the other rooms in the house, even on different floors. Conversely the Night Function allows you to switch from forced ventilation to natural convection heating, which triggers natural air movement by exploiting the temperature differences in the room. In this way, the heat is distributed more gradually and in an ultra silent mode.