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Using unsuitable pellets may lead to some problems, such as:

  • premature clogging of the brazier and flue gas extraction ducts;
  • an increase in fuel consumption and a decrease in efficiency;
  • the tendency to excessively soil the glass in a very short time;
  • the production of unburned granules and heavy ash.

On the market, there are various types of pellets available with qualities and characteristics that change according to the processes and types of wood used.
Since the characteristics and quality of the pellets can greatly affect the length of time between top-ups, the efficiency and correct operation of the appliance, it is advisable to use quality pellets.



When pellets are stored inappropriately, they risk becoming damp, and moisture is in fact the main risk factor for their quality. It is essential, therefore, to choose a ventilated, dry and well-sheltered place to store them.
Pellets are normally sold in sealed plastic bags, so you can store them in your garage, or even in a closet as long as it is free from mould problems or excessive moisture. It is advisable not to place the bags of pellets directly on the ground, and if possible, use wooden pallets to create an a plinth. Another precaution would be not to place the bags directly against the wall, but always leave at least a few centimetres to allow air circulation.