Creating innovative heating solutions, merging quality and aesthetics, developing new ideas and atmospheres around the fire to make it the centre of attraction in the home: these are the goals which Piazzetta pursues.

An Italian passion

The Piazzetta Group continues to shape its future by relying on people who invest their passion and dedication to develop innovative heating solutions. The story unfolds at the foot of Asolo, a historical town laden with artistic treasures, which is also one of Italy’s manufacturing hubs. The Group has emerged from this backdrop as a large-size company with research and development laboratories, production and logistics facilities, and management offices. A solid industrial reality that offers an extensive range of stoves and fireplaces to satisfy any personal need and taste.

A story that has endured for 58 years


Italians taste the “Sweet Life”, as the economic boom revolutionises style and consumption habits.

Domenico Piazzetta starts a business that manufactures cement objects.


Man lands on the moon: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first men to walk on the surface of the moon.

The first cement fireplace with cast iron firebox is made.


The Concorde supersonic aeroplane completes its first voyage with passengers on board.

The marble department is set up to create fine claddings.


Images of the red planet. The Viking probe sends the first images of the surface of Mars.

Creation of the first steel monobloc with the patented Multifuoco® System.


The barcode is introduced in Italy for automated goods management.

The Multifuoco System is implemented on a stove. The ceramics department is created.


The Berlin Wall, which had divided the city since 1961, comes down physically and symbolically.

The Piazzetta Group acquires and relaunches the historical Superior brand.


The European GSM standard is launched, globalising the network.

Aluker, the revolutionary material that improves combustion and heat-diffusion, is patented.


Inauguration of the Eurotunnel under the English Channel, connecting France and England.

Stubotto Kam, the first original majolica stove-fireplace, is launched.


Introduction of the first DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) data memorisation support.

Creation of the “i Veneziani”, the range of fine majolica claddings.


The new European currency, the Euro, is officially introduced with a conversion rate of 1,936.27 Italian lire.

The P940 pellet stove is designed and manufactured, combining low consumption and exceptional performances.


Launch of the Queen Mary II, the largest transatlantic ship ever built, with a displacement of over 150,000 tons.

Introduction of the Piazzetta Design brand for exclusive fireplaces reflecting unique, refined and artisan crafting.


On its 50th anniversary, the Piazzetta Group celebrates the company’s success. The company carves a reputation for on-going innovation, style and shared values.

The company’s most exclusive fireplaces ever are introduced: Panoramic, the essence of the wood-burning fireplace reaches its pinnacle. Fire reclaims its central role, revealing all its splendour.


The Opportunity rover on Mars detects traces of calcium sulphate, pointing to the possible presence of water in the past.

Multifuoco System Plus is developed to electronically manage ventilation in wood-burning stoves.


The “Solar Impulse” aircraft terminates is journey around the world powered exclusively with solar energy.

Launching of the Prestige, Premium and Trend pellet stove ranges: the technology and exclusivity of radiant majolica.


Self-driving cars: tests start in California without any technicians on board.

The first range of Wall Flush fireplaces is presented: innovation, design and sophistication.

Majolica, artisan tradition

Majolica, artisan tradition

Majolica is the defining element of the Piazzetta style and design. Ours is Europe’s largest majolica production plant, in which the skilled artisan crafting technique applied to this refined and unique material has been handed down for years. Working majolica is an art that requires time and patience. The results are remarkable: original and exclusive claddings that speak for themselves, capable of enhancing a variety of contexts, settings and styles.

Piazzetta and environmental protection

Piazzetta and environmental protection

Each product undergoes rigorous laboratory tests to guarantee performances that respect the environment, through the containment of consumption and the sustainable use of resources. Careful selection of the materials and technological solutions used in the production processes has led to numerous certifications issued by leading institutes, certifying the conformity of the products to the most rigorous environmental protection standards.

Piazzetta and Asolo’s territory

Piazzetta and Asolo’s territory

The Piazzetta Group was founded and has grown at the foot of Asolo, a town rich in artistic treasures, defined by Giosuè Carducci the “city of a hundred horizons” to underline the superb views that open up from its hills. A gem of the Veneto region and of the Marca Trevigiana area, Asolo is also a world-renowned Italian manufacturing hub. In this backdrop, where cherished values are handed down, the Piazzetta Group continues to grow and shape its future by relying on style, technology, quality and values.

Research and technology

Research and technology

Piazzetta products stem from the on-going quest for rigorous laboratory tests aimed at improving the comfort for purchasers. Continuous research has allowed for developing innovative solutions, some of which are patented internationally. One such example is the Multifuoco® System, an exclusive Piazzetta solution that has revolutionised traditional heating systems. Our goal is to constantly guarantee the highest quality standards, maximum performance and lasting operation for our products.