Research and Innovation with
Multifuoco® System

Multifuoco® System; the innovative forced ventilation system, that allows you to heat the room evenly, even at the height of your feet.

Multifuoco Trend

Multifuoco® System, research and innovation

Multifuoco® is a system patented by the technicians at Piazzetta’s research and development lab and tested by researchers at the Technical Physics Institute of the University of Padua. Thanks to this system, the heat is distributed in the room, from the bottom upwards, and is then distributed throughout the room due to natural convection movements, thus exceeding the performance of traditional heating systems.

Never again, cold feet

Multifuoco® was developed with the aim of enhancing the level of well-being. The traditional systems with natural convection distribute heat upwards, creating a rather unpleasant difference in temperatures between the floor and ceiling. Multifuoco® is the answer to this issue. The hot air comes out from the lower part of the stove or fireplace, and is then spread throughout the rest of the room thus ensuring an even temperature and warm feet.

Heating large
rooms easily

Multifuoco® unites efficiency and comfort; in fact, it allows you to heat the house effectively due to the air that leaves the appliance at a high-temperature and stays that way even when it reaches points away from the stove or fireplace. Managing the system is very simple; by remote control you can set the fan at different speeds.

Spread the pleasure of
warmth in every room

And what about a stove or fireplace replacing your heating system? Multifuoco® System can also distribute heat evenly to a number of rooms and on different floors, thanks to the possibility of ducting the air up to distance of 16 metres with pellet appliances, and 10 metres with wood-burning appliances.

Dual Power System

Some stove and fireplace models feature dual motors to distribute a flow of hot air directed to various rooms. The two motors can be managed separately or in synchronization. You can, for example, decide to set one fan for automatic control while the other one works manually. The ability to operate the two motors separately helps if you want to have different ideal temperatures in different settings, for example in the living area and in the sleeping area. Multicomfort is the answer.